Tiberius Stănescu

Marketing Development Engineer

Tiberius Stanescu, NRI’s Website Manager, comes to the position with 10 years experience in programming and Website optimization. Born in Romania and immigrating to Montreal, Quebec and then to Cupertino, California, Tiberius’ formative years were spent in the high-tech Silicon Valley, honing his computer skills. Studies in mechanical engineering led to degrees from San Jose State (BS ME) and Concordia University in Montreal. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Tiberius developed and maintained Websites for friends and family, ultimately branching out into his own company, Tiberius Design, with clients as diverse as Tesla Motors, the City of San Jose and the Dish Network.

Tiberius joining NRI in January of 2014 as a Mechanical Engineer and in September of that year transitioned over to the role of Website Manager, working in support of the Sales and Marketing Department. As Website Manager, he is responsible for supporting the Sales and Marketing Department through software development and maintenance, SEO and programming, as well as managing Website and implementing updates.

Tiberius speaks Romanian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.