Stiffer and Stronger Than a Steel Repair

” I can honestly say that NRI has the highest modulus composite repair system in the world. ” 


A Scientific Breakthrough in Composite Technology


The strength of C464 is based on high-performance carbon fibers. The carbon atoms arrange themselves in a pattern to create a rigid structure that does not easily deform.

A proprietary resin strongly bonds to steel and the carbon fibers to create a stiff matrix that can transfer any load or force from the steel pipe onto the ultra-strong carbon fiber.

Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of densely arranged carbon fibers in resin matrix.

Magnification 1000x

Safer Than a Steel Repair

Noncorroding with no “heat-affected” zone


Super-strong composite created at room temperature on-site with no vacuums, high temperatures, or molds necessary


Lightweight material easy to install — no welding, no hot work, no shutdown, and less equipment necessary than with steel repairs


Material certification and certification of analysis are provided with each lot


Lower Strain Than Pristine Steel Pipe


  • 50% corrosion defect repaired with Steel Wrap demonstrating lower strains than the pristine pipe without a defect
  • All strain measurements under repairs with Steel Wrap are below 400 microstrains
  • Most current repair systems allow the defects repaired in pipelines to see 1800-8800 microstrain based on the PRCI long-term study
  • 250k cycles represents a minimum 50 year design life

C464 Carbon Fiber/Resin Composites: The Future of Pipeline Repair


Offering a Comprehensive Solution in Pipeline Repair

From the hands-on involvement of our senior management to our product training and in-the-field engineering supervision, NRI is committed to providing our clients with the utmost in quality, reliability, durability, integrity, and affordability.

Services includes:

  • Repair Assessment
  • Consulting
  • NRI University Training/Education
  • Quality Assurance
  • On-site Application Guidance
  • Access to In-the-Field Experts
  • Long-term Assessment Planning