Ryan Schwarz

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

James “Ryan” Schwarz has more than 17 years experience in composite manufacturing, material selection and technical sales, which led him to join NRI in May of 2008 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Ryan is responsible for the development and management of NRI’s long term marketing growth and action plan, along with strategic partnerships and business relationships. Those fundamental areas include product development, branding, advertising, promotions, and other revenue generating initiatives.

Mr. Schwarz has developed a strong reputation for integrity and professionalism bridging NRI’s long-term business relationships. He shares his composite knowledge with a team of sales managers that he oversees on day to day basis. Ryan expresses NRI’s shared vision to exceed the customers’ expectation by providing value added solutions for each of our clients.

Ryan provides hands on insight towards Research and Development at NRI, and is named on several company patents. Continuous improvement and product development efforts are key to the integration of NRI’s new products and cutting-edge technology.

Mr. Schwarz is a graduate of Indiana University, where he completed his Bachelor of Science degree, then completed his Masters of Science degree at University of Central Florida.