Riser reinforcement kit

Trident-Wrap® Riser Reinforcement Kit repair non-leaking natural gas risers exhibiting wall loss up to 80% at <300 psi (20.7 bar) while eliminating atmospheric corrosion in accordance with DIMP. With 8 layers, this system enables one to repair corroded piping without shutdown or riser replacement. This operator qualified, engineered product which is prepackaged to conform to and recognized by ASME PCC-2, ASME B31, ISO TS24817, DOT, API, and CSA Z662 standards for nonmetallic reinforcing solutions, thus ensuring product application integrity.




  • Corrosion repair on natural gas piping
  • Atmospheric corrosion
  • Riser reinforcement
  • New or old riser assemblies
  • Underground piping
  • Corrosion protection
  • Coating repair
  • Air to soil interface


  • No shutdown or relights
  • Simple application
  • No pipe replacement
  • Conforms to irregular shapes
  • No contractor required
  • Integrity management

Mechanical Properties

Test Method Result
Tensile Strength ASTM D3039 Hoop: 54,000 psi (3,724.0 bar)

Axial: 34,000 psi (2,344.8 bar)

In-Plane Shear Strength ASTM D5379 7,520 psi (518.6 bar)


Product Information

Property Typical Test Value
VOCs None
Service Temperature -50° to 250°F (-46° to 121°C)
Application Temperature 40° to 150°F (5° to 66°C)
Shelf Life 12 Months with recommended storage methods


Item # Description
TWR001 Riser repair kit 1” OD x 1’ (25.4mm x 30.5cm)
TWR002 Riser repair kit 2” OD x 1’ (50.8mm x 30.5cm)
TWR004 Riser repair kit 4” OD x 1’ (101.6mm x 30.5cm
TWR006 Riser repair kit 6” OD x 1’ (152.4mm x 30.5cm)
TWR008 Riser repair kit 8” OD x 1’ (203.2mm x 30.5cm)

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