ThermoWrap 500

Composite repair system for extreme temperatures in process piping.

Thermo-Wrap™500 is a factory-saturated, custom engineered composite repair system compatible with temperatures reaching 500°F (260°C). NRI’s patented factory-saturation process ensures the right fiber-to-resin content ratios are achieved. By eliminating the need for field saturation, this product can be applied faster and more efficiently on pipes with elevated operating and design temperatures. Thermo-Wrap™ 500 has been tested in accordance with ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1.



  • Flare lines, blow down lines, steam piping, chemical processing lines
  • Girth welds, elbows, tee
  • High temperature environments, up to 500F


  • High temperature rating with an ambient-cured epoxy
  • Non-shielding
  • Factory-saturated, no mixing required
Property Circumferential Direction Axial Direction
Tensile Modulus 4.60 Msi (31.7 GPa) 2.80 Msi (19.3 GPa)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 5.04 ppm/˚F (9.07 ppm/˚C) 6.17 ppm/˚F (11.1 ppm/˚C)
Property Typical Test Value
Laminate Thickness 0.027 ” (0.69mm)
Poisson Ratio 0.107
Glass Transition Temperature 554˚F (290˚C)
Shear Modulus of Polymer 189 ksi (1.3 GPa)
Shore D Hardness 92
Energy Release Rate @ 500°F 0.52 (91 J/m2)

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