Syntho-Shore 118c


SynthoShore® 118c

Carbon Fiber Structural Repair System

The Syntho-Shore product line is the first under-water FRP system that is ACI 440.2R-08 compliant designed for structural repairs and reinforcement. Syntho-Shore 118C is factory-saturated, comprised of a unique, uni-directional carbon fabric.



  • Structural strengthening of concrete, masonry, and wood piles which are submerged under-water or have high moisture content on the substrate.


  • System is not size specific and does not require large mobilizations, like FRP jackets do
  • Much simpler to use under-water compared to FRP jackets
  • System complies with confinement equations in ACI 440.2R-08
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility with available certification for minimum physical properties, no field coupon testing required
  • 100% solvent free; zero VOC system
  • Durable, highly resistant to aggressive environments; can be used in splash zone or immersion
  • High strength and light weight
Property Design Values Typical Test Value
Tensile Strength * 141,870 psi 173,640 psi
Tensile Modulus 14.5 x 106 psi 14.50 x 106 psi
Elongation at Break ** 0.98% 1.12%
Laminate Thickness 0.034 in. (1.0mm) 0.034 in. (0.9mm)
Specimens were conditioned & tested under ambient laboratory conditions at 73˚F (23˚C) with 60% relative humidity.

* Design value calculated as mean ultimate tensile strength minus three standard deviations, per ACI 440.8-13.

** Ultimate rupture strain calculated as the ultimate tensile force per unit width divided by mean chord tensile stiffness per unit width, per ACI 440.8-13.


Property Typical Test Value
Tensile Strength 550,000 psi (3.79 GPa)
Tensile Modulus 34.5 x 106 psi (230 GPa)
Ultimate Elongation 1.5%
Density 0.065 lbs./in.3 (1.8 g/cm3)
Weight per square yard 18 oz. (600 g/m2)

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