Syntho-Shore 127g


SynthoShore® 127g

First Under Water FRP System

The Syntho-Shore product line is the first under-water FRP system that is ACI 440.2R-08 compliant designed for structural repairs and reinforcement. Syntho-Shore 127G is factory-saturated, comprised of a unique, uni-directional glass fabric.



  • Structural strengthening of concrete, masonry, and wood piles which are submerged under-water or have high moisture content on the substrate.


  • System is not size specific and does not require large mobilizations, like FRP jackets do
  • Much simpler to use under-water compared to FRP jackets
  • System complies with confinement equations in ACI 440.2R-08
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility with available certification for minimum physical properties, no field coupon testing required
  • 100% solvent free; zero VOC system
  • Durable, highly resistant to aggressive environments; can be used in splash zone or immersion
  • High strength and light weight

Composite Gross Laminate Properties per ASTM D-3039

Property Average Test Value Design Value
US Units SI Units US Units SI Units
Tensile Strength 80,500 psi 555MPa 70,750psi 487.80
Tensile Modulus 4.02 Msi 27,716MPa 4.02 Msi 27,716MPa
Tensile % Elongation 2.15 2.15 1.76 1.76
Nominal Ply Thickness 0.04in 1.02mm 0.04in 1.02mm
Specimens were conditioned & tested under ambient laboratory conditions at 73˚F (23˚C) with 60% relative humidity.
* Design value calculated as mean ultimate tensile strength minus three standard deviations, per ACI 440.8-13.
** Ultimate rupture strain calculated as the ultimate tensile force per unit width divided by mean chord tensile stiffness per unit width, per ACI 440.8-13.


Material Properties

Property US Units SI Units
Tensile Strength 550,000 psi 3,790 MPa
Tensile Modulus 34.5 x 106 psi 2,300 MPa
Ultimate Elongation 1.5%
Density 0.065 lbs/in3 1.8 g/cm3
Weight 18 oz/yd2 600 g/m2

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