Syntho-Glass® XT


SynthoGlass® XT

Pre-Preg Water Curable Composite for Pipeline Repair & Reinforcement

The Syntho-Glass® XT system is a unique pre-impregnated, bi-directional composite used to repair and reinforce both internal and external corrosion on pipelines or structures.
Our pre-impregnated system ensures proper fiber-to-resin content ratios which are crucial for reliable performance.



  • Pipeline integrity
  • Transmission and distribution pipelines
  • Oil and gas risers
  • Girth welds on vessels and pipelines
  • Elbows, tees, and flanges
  • Process piping: chemicals, oil, gases, water, and steam
  • Atmospheric corrosion


  • Water-activated polyurethane resin reduces composite preparation time by over 50%
  • Installation in wet, rainy, or submerged environments ensures ease of application in virtually any situation
  • Simplicity and flexibility permit application to irregular shapes and geometries, while eliminating diameter specific inventory
  • Full factory engineering consultation and support, ensuring safe and successful repairs
Property Circumferential Direction Axial Direction
Tensile Modulus 3.59 Msi (24.78 GPa) 1.96 Msi (13.51 GPa)
Thermal Expansion


6.47 ppm/ºF (11.65 ppm/ºC) 29.00 ppm/ºF (52.2 ppm/ºC)
Property Typical Test Values
Hardness, Shore D 83
Laminate Thickness 0.013” (0.33mm)
Poisson Ratio 0.1326
Energy Release Rate 0.525 in-lb/in2 (92 J/m2)