Q: What is NRI-U?

A: NRI University (NRI-U) is part of NRI’s ever-continuing effort to provide the industry at large with a firm understanding of how composite repair systems are developed, designed, installed, and validated for use in the repair of piping and civil infrastructures. NRI-U is focused on educational content for all facets of these industries, including practical training for composite application, project support on site, field services, QC support, and composite design.

Q: Why does NRI-U exist?

A: It is the goal and purpose of NRI-U to make all installers of composite repair systems for pipe and civil infrastructure experts in their respective fields,  to ensure that all users (new and old) are true believers in the technology, and to be a fully functional resource for composite understanding. NRI-U will continually advance the knowledge, education, and understanding of composite repair systems by being a fully mobilized training program for local site education, by bringing the latest Research and Development initiatives to the marketplace, and by hosting industry-best composite repair conferences and seminars. W. B. Yeats said “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire,” and at NRI-U, we are standing ready with a book of matches and a can of gasoline. In addition, NRI-U’s fee-based, field site support by our industry experts will provide a level of confidence that surpasses the clients’ expectations and ensure that the contractor has full support and guidance from the manufacturer.

Q: Why is the NRI-U initiative important?

A: At NRI, we truly believe that education and understanding of composite repairs are of utmost importance for industry users. Without this, there can be no understanding of the technology and how it is truly helping the industry and your specific organization. By attending these courses, we recognize your belief in this as well and applaud you on your efforts to maintain your status as an industry leader. Every course offered by NRI-U will provide detailed information and highly valuable insight for all users of composite repair systems. The practical application of engineered composite systems must be completed by fully trained and certified technicians per the relevant ASME and ISO guideline documents. Owner/operators, engineers, and industry specialists can gain much needed information on composite repair design and QC/QA validations in order to fully understand how and why composite repair systems can be utilized for their needs.

Q: Why do I need this and how will NRI-U help me?

A: As required by the relevant ASME and ISO industry guidelines, the applicators of engineered composite repair systems must be trained and certified by the manufacturer (or authorized manufacturer’s representative) of the specific repair system. Not only does NRI-U training qualify the individual for practical application of engineered composites systems, but it also goes beyond, to provide time-saving tips to speed installation, making your certified team the most competitive in their industry. Whether you are an industry contractor or site engineer, NRI University can provide you with the proper training and education so that better understanding and knowledge about composite repair materials and methods is gained. Training courses will be offered from practical application of composite materials to repair design basics, engineering and various regulatory guidelines. By completing courses with NRI-U, you will gain valuable insight into the nature of composites and how they can best be utilized within your industry. Stand out as an industry expert in this field of ever-evolving technology. Project support and QC management capabilities will also allow the end user to have a higher degree of confidence in the repairs being made should that be a requirement or desire for the individual projects. For more information on this offering, please contact your local NRI Representative for fees and availability.

Q: Is NRI-U a full service contracting company?

A: No, at NRI-U we are not providing full contracting services. Our objective is to provide training for the chosen contractor, but also be available for site supervision/support and QC services should that be a benefit for the project or a request of the client. We want to make every contractor an expert at composite repairs, but we also understand that to become experts, everyone could use some help along the way and offering our services for assistance with actual field repairs is a great way to build confidence of new installers, as well as gain the confidence of the client.  Click Here for more details on the services of NRI-U.

Q: What courses are offered by NRI-U and what will I learn?

A: There are a variety of courses and training modules that can be taken. Depending on your specific need, we can accommodate with the appropriate course. Each course offers a specific point of focus ranging from hands-on practical application training to engineering and QC requirements. Click Here for individual courses and details.

Q: Are NRI-U courses recognized by other industry organizations?

A: Yes, our courses for training on the Engineered Composite Repair systems are recognized by Veriforce and have the Common Covered Task number of CCT-731.

Q: Can I earn PDHs or CEUs for taking the courses?

A: Yes, specific courses can be used to earn PDH/CEU credit; please let NRI-U know if this is required during registration of the desired course.

Q: Are classes available near me?

A: We have course and training centers in our facilities in West Palm Beach, FL, USA, and in strategic locations in the USA and around the world to accommodate international needs. In addition, we can also provide courses on site should the need be required.

Q: What is needed to take the courses?

A: If you are attending the course at one of NRI-U’s locations, then you will only need to show up and all materials are provided for the students’ use. If you are booking a site course for a specific location outside of NRI-U facilities, then specific requirements will be communicated during booking with your local NRI Representative.

Q: How long will it take?

A: We take our education and training courses seriously and will spend the time to insure each student becomes an expert. Each course is different and will require a different time commitment based on the goals for the course. Click Here for individual courses and details.

Q: What is the cost for courses?

A: Our primary goal is education and our courses are designed with costs minimized as much as possible, while still providing everything necessary for the student to excel. Contact your local NRI Representative for more details.

Q: Why is this different from other composite manufacturers?

A: NRI-U stands out from the crowd in that it is a fully engaged and holistic educational program that covers all aspects of the composite repair system technology. This is not just another training program for one composite repair system, but an entire organization built on the foundation of education and site support to ensure that all clients have the working knowledge of composite repairs to make the best and most informed decisions.