nri-lcropNRI-U is NRI’s training and educational academy developed to answer the growing need for a better understanding of composite repair systems for both engineers and installers alike. The core goals are:

  • To turn all engineers and installers of composite repair systems into experts on these high value solutions
  • To ensure that all users have a fundamental understanding in advanced composite technology
  • To function as subject-matter experts in the composite industry

NRI-U will continue to advance the knowledge, education, and understanding of composite repair systems. By being a fully mobile training programs provider we can offer local, site education and support clients in the field.

NRI U Classroom

How Can NRI-U Help You?

As required by the relevant ASME and ISO industry standards, the installers of Engineered Composite Repair (ECR) systems must be trained by the manufacturer, or authorized manufacturer’s representative, of the specific repair system. Not only does the training provided by NRI-U qualify the individual for practical application of NRI’s ECR systems, but goes beyond standards to provide time-saving tips to speed installation, helping to make your team the most competitive in their industry.

In addition to practical training, NRI also offers engineering-based courses for technical authorities at many levels. These courses teach industry standards and composite repair design processes. Whether you are an industry contractor or site engineer, NRI University can provide you with training and education to increase your understanding and knowledge about composite repair materials and methods.

Installation Training and Field Support Services 

NRI University employs a skilled, highly trained staff. In addition to providing a full suite of product installation training programs, we offer site support and QC services.

Our in-depth ECR system training and inspection programs cover all aspects of the installation process for each NRI ECR system and are in compliance with the relevant ASME and ISO standards which govern installer training.

Our fee-based site services include site support, project consultation, or QC programs for the contractor/client associated with ECR systems. While we do not operate as a full service or contracting team to provide turn-key projects, we want to be there for you when needed.

NRI is passionate about education and training and hope that you will find this site and programs useful in better understanding composites and how they can be used within your industry.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or needs you may have at!