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As seen in the April edition of World Pipeline – Annual Offshore Technology Review

NRI USA, Booth 214

NRI has revolutionized the industry in research and development, engineering design and manufacturing of pre-impregnated and field saturated composite repair systems for over 31 years. NRI designs composite reinforcements through continuous research and innovation, providing its clients with long-term solutions that restore, protect and reinforce pipes, pipelines and civil structures at a fraction of traditional replacement costs.

NRI has transformed the future of composites. The company was established on a foundation known for cutting edge solutions, a superior level of expertise and high strength, quality products that have stood the of time and environmental elements. NRI’s extensive product portfolio serves a broad range of markets including refining and petrochemical, pipeline transmission, gas distribution, offshore, civil, municipal, mining, marine, military and industrial. NRI is distinguished as the industry’s premier manufacturer of composite reinforcement solutions.

Recently, an offshore oil platform in Mexico was experiencing severe pitting on a 30 in. OD petroleum line due to atmospheric conditions. Over a period of time, these elements caused a 50% wall loss along a 2 m section of the pipeline. The line needed an immediate repair to prevent the shutdown, which operated at 43 psi (2.9 bar) and 86°F (30°C). First, surface preparation was completed on the pipeline in accordance with SSPC-SP3 power tool cleaning before the defects were filled using Syntho-Poxy™HC, a high compression strength liquid epoxy which acts as a load transfer medium. In order to lock out any future atmospheric conditions, Thermo-Poxy™ epoxy was applied over the entire repair area. This provided corrosion protection to the bare steal, as well as a primer for the composite layer of Thermo-Wrap™CF, a chemically resistant carbon fiber composite repair system that was developed for high temperature applications. The Thermo-Wrap CF carbon fiber composite wrap was applied at the calculated number of layers over the required repair length, fully restoring the integrity of the pipe. To provide UV stabilization to the composite repair system, Syntho-Glass®UV was applied as the final layer. This repair was completed by certified technicians in only a couple of hours, and fully restored the line to its original design specifications.

Thermo-Wrap oil platform pipeline repair

Another spotlighted case study from NRI’s portfolio is a recent project in Turkey. While performing an annual inspection of a 42 in. OD pipeline located at an offshore jetty terminal, inspectors found an area of concern that was experiencing 40% wall loss. The pipeline transports oil to the ships’ fueling station and a repair was required in order to maintain the design pressure of 975 psi (65 bar). It was located approximately 4 m above sea level with the corrosion damage located approximately 12.37 cm on each side of the welded joint. In order to promote adhesion, the 0.5 m section of the pipe was sandblasted to remove rust, paint, and other foreign matter in accordance with Sa2.5, NACE 2, or near white metal. The environmental elements required that the surface be prepared immediately prior to the composite application since it was a high risk to flash rust. Syntho-Poxy HC load transfer poxy was used to fill any pits on the pipe, effectively transferring the hoop load to the high tensile strength composite. Syntho-Subsea™LV, a high compression Kelvar® filled anti-corrosion epoxy, was applied around the circumference of the pipe along the 20 in. repair length, ensuring a water tight seal. A preliminary layer of Syntho-Glass®XT extreme tensile strength bidirectional fiberglass composite, was applied before the primary repair material, Viper-Skin™, was wrapped. The two man crew successfully installed Viper-Skin system within 2 hours, effectively restoring the structural integrity of the pipeline. Syntho-Glass UV was applied to the final repair to protect the composite material from UV rays.

Completed Viper-Skin Application on 42 in. OD jetty terminal

NRI is committed to providing its clients with the utmost in quality, durability, integrity and affordability. Its dedicated team of materials scientists, civil, mechanical, and chemical engineers are on the cutting edge of research and development, formulating, ing and designing tomorrow’s new product breakthroughs in quality composites.