Q: To what industries does NRI cater with its solutions?

A: Our initial focus was in the marine industry. This then expanded to include natural gas, oil, utilities, mining, industrial, and municipalities.

Q: How can I be sure that your products will hold the repair in place?

A: For years, our products have been required on U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels, not to mention the successful applications within commercial markets. Our success stories prove our solutions work.

Q: Does NRI always advocate pipe repair instead of pipe replacement?

A: Every situation is unique and it is not within our expertise to dictate whether or not replacement is necessary. Instead, we provide an alternative that has proven to hold fast and prevent costly repair and replacement.

Q:Do NRI products have applications for other industries?

A: We are constantly investing in research and development of our products to ascertain their full application reach. We are slowly expanding into other industries and would be happy to discuss the potential of our applications.

Q: Why should we consider a composite repair solution instead of complete replacement?

A: Replacement may not be necessary to solve the problem and total replacement can be costly and cause interruption of services. While full evaluation of every situation is necessary, NRI can often provide the solution necessary to prevent costly replacements.

Q: How does the Syntho-Glass® system work while underwater?

A: Syntho-Glass® is a patented, fiberglass cloth pre-impregnated with a resin that is activated by salt or fresh water.

Q: Can I try Syntho-Glass® before buying it?

A: We offer a free sample of our Syntho-Glass® solution just for that purpose.

Q: How do I purchase NRI products?

A: We have a network of resellers / distributors that offer our products, or you can contact NRI directly.