Erblina Vokshi

Civil Engineer

Erblina Vokshi is a graduate of Arizona State University, where she has completed her Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Concrete Structures and Material Science. Ms. Vokshi’s Master’s Thesis involved the study of composite fibers under concentrated point loading. Additionally, while at ASU, Ms. Vokshi was a research assistant for laboratory ing of composite materials, and an instructor in numerical analysis methods. Ms. Vokshi has performed extensive computer analysis of the failure modes of composite materials to validate commercial FEA software against observed laboratory ing. Ms. Vokshi also possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Northern Arizona University.

Ms. Vokshi’s professional background includes internships at Structural Grace, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona, and at Kiewit, in Tacoma, Washington. While at Structural Grace, Ms. Vokshi played a key role in the design of a pedestrian bridge over the Interstate 17 highway. Ms. Vokshi’s role consisted of performing structural load calculations and verifying compliance with ACI standards. She also assisted in the design of the Phoenix Sky Train for the Sky Harbor Airport, as well as other cost estimating and design calculation projects. While at Kiewit, Ms. Vokshi performed entry-level assignments on cost estimating, construction site safety compliance, and quality control verification for various field projects.

Ms. Vokshi’s responsibilities at NRI include the design of repair, restoration, and reinforcement solutions for concrete structures in accordance with ACI 318 and ACI 440.2R standards. She also has the collateral responsibility of performing product validation ing to include sample preparation, tensile and compression s, and lap shear ing. Ms Vokshi is the project manager for third-party product validation ing at the University of Central Florida to investigate the structural reinforcement of concrete beams using carbon fiber.