Earthquake Engineering – Protecting Civil Structures

In the engineering world, earthquakes are pure evil. Attacking out of seemingly nowhere to wreak havoc and destruction. The ironic thing is that the higher and more complex our buildings and structures become, the harder they fall, and the more damage their collapses cause. Loss of life from earthquakes can be catastrophic, as they can cause tsunamis, landslides and the failure of man-made structures. When dealing with an earthquake on land (not a tsunami), the loss of life is almost always attributed to collapsing buildings and structures. Rural areas are much safer from earthquake damage than urban areas due to this fact. Most modern structures are not built to withstand the intense undulations of an earthquake. This conundrum has spawned the existence of a new scientific field, earthquake engineering. NRI’s protective and restorative products contribute to this science with ways to prevent civil structures from collapsing and failing during an earthquake, potentially saving hundreds upon hundreds of lives.

The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 caused the deaths of over 220,000 people, and the collapse of 30,000 commercial buildings, not to mention the 250,000 residential homes. Much of the nations infrastructure was destroyed, hindering it’s ability to economically recover and begin to aid those in need. NRI’s hope is that geo-locations at risk of earthquakes utilize lightweight, easy-to-use reinforcements on industrial and civil structures such as bridges & factories to prevent building failure and potentially the loss of life.

Not only are civil structures and buildings in harms way, but also the oil and gas industry. Imagine the devastation of an earthquake and an oil spill simultaneously? This is why pipeline repair and protection is a must. In case of seismic shifts, oil rigs, gas lines, pipelines must be able to endure.

The beautiful thing is that a structure does not have to be extremely expensive or dense to withstand a quake. In fact, the heavier and more immobile a structure is, the more likely it is to collapse. NRI’s earthquake protection solutions include fiberglass composites, cloth wraps and epoxy compounds that add to the structures fortitude without making it immobile.

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