Davie Peguero

Mechanical Engineer

Davie Peguero is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, where he has earned both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

Relevant work to his present assignment includes coursework in Materials Science, Corrosion, Machine Design, and Engineering Graphics. Mr. Peguero has also extensively studied composite materials as part of his master’s degree coursework, including both theoretical and hands-on work. His theoretical experience ranges from Mechanics of Materials to Classical Laminated Plate Theory. His hands-on study includes complete characterization of the properties of composite materials through mechanical ing. Mr. Peguero is very familiar with multiple types of ing machines and data acquisition systems used to conduct tensile and compressive s, with particular attention paid to intra- and inter-laminar shear ing.

Additional areas of specialty include the study of fracture mechanics and failure prevention. Mr. Peguero has also studied engineering materials and electrochemical corrosion in order to understand various failure mechanisms, select appropriate materials to ensure reliable performance, and how to design solutions to engineering problems. He has written computer programs to study physical damage, crack propagation, cycle by cycle integration, and environmentally induced corrosion.

Mr. Peguero’s background in Machine Design includes the design and construction of a artificial replacement hip joint intended to benefit patients suffering from lost capacity, yet who wish to retain an active lifestyle. Of special interest is the use of miniaturized strain measurement tools measuring a mere 280 x 40 microns in size, yet are able to transmit data on the replacement hip performance while in use.

Mr. Peguero has Project Management experience with an emphasis on reducing cost and minimizing time to complete a project by the application of theoretical concepts to actual business cases. Mr. Peguero was able to reduce time to completion by half, resulting in lower costs despite increases in project scope, by studying the entire project chain, identifying bottlenecks, and restructuring the project for greater efficiency.

At NRI, Mr. Peguero is responsible for product performance validation and planning. He performs sample preparation, tensile and compression s, lap shear ing, and pipe repair ing. Mr. Peguero has designed and constructed three specialized environmental chambers to study the effects of various environments on composite materials. Mr. Peguero is the lead engineer responsible for designing custom repair solutions involving the ASME PCC-2 repair guidelines, and also assists in incoming materials Quality Assurance ing and in various quality improvement initiatives.