Repairing industrial pipes or pipelines that have been damaged by corrosion requires fast, effective solutions. Any time lost to corrosion repair decreases productivity for businesses or municipal infrastructure systems. Organizations need dependable solutions to repair corrosion on site, and few companies offer the variety of effective products available through NRI. Major businesses and government entities rely on NRI to provide corrosion repair solutions that can be applied quickly and are cost-effective.

NRI has been engineering state-of-the-art corrosion repair products for more than 25 years. We provide clients with superior solutions to quickly repair damaged pipes or pipelines under a variety of circumstances, and in any environment. We have developed corrosion repair technology that is effective below-grade, in immersion, and in extreme heat or cold. The versatility of our product line has established NRI as an unparalleled solution for petrochemical companies like BP Amoco and Exxon Mobil, as well as government entities like the United States Coast Guard and Navy. We carry a wide range of cutting-edge corrosion repair products, including those highlighted here:

Corrosion Repair SolutionSyntho-Glass XT was named Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year in 2008 because it innovated the field of corrosion repair. It is a fast-acting urethane that reduces installation time by more than 50% because it is water-activated and does not require field mixing. The proprietary bonding technology of Syntho-Glass XT creates a pre-impregnated bi-directional fiberglass seal that prevents future internal and external corrosion on pipes and pipelines of all shapes and sizes. Its flexibility and long-term effectiveness makes Syntho-Glass XT more cost-effective than other methods of corrosion repair because it limits the need to stock out-dated replacement parts. The product conforms to ASME PCC-2, DOT, and API570 standards for nonmetallic reinforcement products, and does not contain any VOCs.

Thermo-Wrap is a highly flexible and durable fiberglass tape that is used to repair industrial pipes and pipelines. The tape adheres to surfaces of any geometry at room temperature using NRI’s patented ambient-cured epoxy, ensuring quick installation and an effective seal over damaged piping. Thermo-Wrap was designed to repair defects in accordance with ASME PCC-2 and ISO TS-24817. It is the ideal sealing wrap for steam pipes and flare lines because NRI’s Thermo-Poxy technology is extremely functional in high temperature environments, and performance is guaranteed up to 300 ° F (149 ° C). Thermo-Wrap also emits no VOCs, making it a safer corrosion repair solution that others on the market.

Fast-acting and cost-effective methods of corrosion repair are mandatory for all industries that rely on metal pipes or pipeline for transport. NRI offers clients state-of-the-art solutions to meet this demand. Contact us to learn more about these and other available corrosion repair solutions.