October, 2017

18" OD High Pressure Repair in South Korea

In South Korea, a high pressure refinery pipe was suffering of internal corrosion. The refinery required a repair was necessary to restore the 50” section of 18” OD pipe to its original design strength and keep the system in working order. The below case study shows how NRI’s Thermo-Wrap CF was able to restore the […]
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2" OD Natural Gas Leak Fixed with Trident Seal Composite

A 2″ OD Natural gas pipe has suffered six leaks and found to be migrating around the threads of the shut off valves of the 2” OD pipes which were operating at a pressure of 45 psi (3 bar). Shutting down the leaking gas lines in order to replace the defective valves was not an […]
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22" Offshore export riser repair with Thermo-Wrap CF

A 22″ offshore export riser pipeline in Indonesia was experiencing severe external corrosion, which required an immediate repair because of a high failure risk. The corrosion issue was not only on the main line but also extended onto the secure clamp. NRI’s Thermo-Wrap CF/Carbon Fiber system was used to contain this 1500 psi high pressure […]
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