August, 2017

20" Underground pipeline external corrosion repair

Various 20″ underground pipelines were excavated due to serious external corrosion issues. The lines were found to have wall loss of up to 50% due to localized pitting. See the case study below to learn how NRI’s products were able to permanently repair the pipes before restoring the excavation.
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Leaking underwater natural gas pipeline repair

As pipelines around the world age, through wall defects are more and more common. A leaking underwater line can be a true nightmare for those working in the natural gas industry. This week’s case study explains how NRI’s products made yet another potentially devastating and costly repair seem routine. Read more below to learn how […]
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10" Cooling Water Line MIC Repair with Thermo-Wrap Inspectable

Micro-biologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) attacked over 2,000 weld locations on thousands of feet of a refinery’s stainless steel cooling water lines. MIC, bacterial induced corrosion, is caused by approximately a dozen known species of bacterial microorganisms. These bacteria thrive in water or soil conditions with a pH of 4 to 9 or temperatures of 50F […]
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