May, 2017

NRI-U Fixes 1.2 million gallon/hour sewer line in Michigan

The City of Kalamazoo had driven a wooden dowel into a 2” diameter hole in a concrete raw sewage force main pipe. NRI was called out to reinforce the repair and the surrounding pipe. However, initial inspection revealed an additional 1” hole adjacent to the repair.
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20″ Monoblock Rehabilitation in Mexico

Flanges and mono-blocks are extremely difficult to repair, especially if there is a live leak. The geometry of the monoblock is a limiting factor in the application of most repair methods. The client decided to use NRI’s composite repair solutions in order to mold the repair around the 90 degree angles of the pipe. Read […]
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NRI’s composites save European underground water lines

During the winter months, district heating systems distribute hot water 266°F (130°C), from European Union power plants to residences and returns cool water 140°F (60° C) to the plants. When the snow melts in spring, these underground the bunkers that hold the pipes are often full of standing water which causes a high level of external corrosion. Read […]
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