On September 30, 1982, NRI officially celebrated its 30th year leading the composite industry. The patented pre-impregnated, water-activated composite, Syntho-Glass, caught the attention of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard as a reliable, dependable, and affordable emergency pipe repair solution. Through the years with further innovation and product research, NRI has developed, launched, and marketed numerous product lines for the repair and rehabilitation of pipelines and civil structures. NRI’s vast array of fiberglass and carbon fiber solutions have expanded into global markets with thousands upon thousands of successful repairs, along with a certified network of installers. With the visionary leadership of Christopher Lazzara, NRI President, the entire management team, as well as the dedicated staff, NRI will continue to pave the path growth and success well into the future. Congratulations NRI for 30 years of innovation and strength of quality composite technology!

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