The problem occurred when a 20″
OD carbon steel pipe was leaking at the six o’clock position and in line with a 16″ OD tee due to internal corrosion.
What happened next, you ask?
In order to promote adhesion, the pipe was cleaned by removing rust, paint, etc. Syntho-Steel was used as the initial leak stopping material, followed by a coating around the leaking area of Syntho-Poxy HC to fill all pits and other anomalies, effectively transferring the hoop load to the high tensile strength composite. Syntho-SubSea LV epoxy ensures a water tight seal over the repair area while also providing chemical resistance. Syntho-Glass® XT, a high strength, bi-directional fiberglass composite, repairs and reinforces both the internal and external corrosion damage effectively creating a new “pipe section” of reinforcement.
The result was Syntho-Glass® XT composite repair system eliminated the need to immediately replace the defective section of pipe. The repair was completed inexpensively in a matter of hours. It fully restored the pipe’s hoop and axial strength to enable full operation at the design pressure of the system. Complete success!

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