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Supplier of Choice for Composite Repair Solutions.

For over 35 years, NRI has led the industry in the research & development, manufacture and continued innovation of advanced composite repair solutions for the restoration, protection and reinforcement of pipe, pipelines and civil structures. Ranging from carbon fiber to fiberglass to a variety of hybrid combinations, when used with our proprietary resins, our reinforcing systems deliver unparalleled product performance and conform to ASME PCC-2 and ISO TS 24817 standards.  NRI is an innovation-driven company with the expertise and resources to deliver superior repair solutions and services to its clients worldwide. That is why hundreds of companies around the world trust and make NRI their supplier of choice for composite repair solutions time and time again.




Challenge Everything is NRI’s commitment to always go beyond ‘good enough’, finding new solutions through relentless improvement and innovation. NRI recognizes the importance of education and strives the level of support our clients expect. Because we challenge everything, you can be confident in everything we do—our products, our, people, and the services we provide.


Innovative Composite Solutions